Turbo-machinery levelness and horizontal joint flatness, soleplates, crane rails, and precision guide rails represent several critical applications for our laser and optical measuring systems.

Dynamic changes in foundation levelness during equipment operation has caused turning gear and bearing failures. We can measure an array of levelness, flatness, and straightness features to angular tolerances of 1 arc second (2.24 thou/40 feet) and display results on advanced software to the nearest tenth of thou. Repeatability of our systems of measurement are routinely less than 0.5 thou between independent setups.

Using lasers, optics or both and depending on conditions, we can quickly verify online or offline levelness, flatness and straightness issues. Our reports clearly depict conditions directly and concisely related to your issues.

Laser Flatness profile of a gas turbine horizontal joint.
Red areas of the graph indicates improper assembly of lower half.

Click image for larger view.

Rail Profile with Fixed End Points-
Vertical; Click to Expand chart.

Horizontal Straightness
measurements using
optical Jog Transit with
micrometer adjustment
feature over long distance
(1 thou increment
delineation). Also capable
of vertical levelness



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