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Bengal Resources, Inc. specializes in both high end and standard shaft alignment applications.

Some of these high-end applications are:

Motor/Turbine driven feedwater pumps

Frequently, these applications require the movement of piped machinery. Bengal Resources has the experience to reliably adjust piped machines in as little as two moves within tolerances of 1 to 2 mils.



A systematic approach must be taken to efficiently tackle a series of machines with multiple couplings and coupling types. Bengal Resources consistently aligns these applications, sometimes cutting days off the alignment process.


Compressors, Centrifuges, Motors-Blowers

From turbine driven Chlorine gas compressors to cryogenic applications, Bengal Resources has the experience to solve difficult thermal growth issues. Executing difficult alignments under poor conditions to exacting tolerances is what we have come to expect.


Bull Gear Drives and Cooling Towers

Severely misaligned gear driven equipment separated by spacer shafts from drive motors can be aligned with unsurpassed speed by using instrumentation permitting "Dynamic Range Extension". Bengal Resources provides personal experienced with range extension techniques and graphing.

Diesel and Turbine driven Prop Shafts and Gearboxes

Marine applications often present unique alignment problems. Limitations in shaft rotation, obstructions to line of sight, and difficulty with rotating shafts hamper alignment data accuracy. Bengal Resources employs advanced 5 axis measuring technology to overcome these pitfalls.

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