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Bengal Resources, Inc. was founded in 1999 with its primary focus to support machinery alignment applications, primary bore, shaft, and dipslacement measurements using lasers and optics. The unprecedented growth in the application of digital technology to solve everyday maintenance problems has itself, created a problem. General Industry, in its effort to apply cutting edge technology in the maintenance arena, is increasingly hard pressed to provide qualified personnel to the job site.

Bengal Resources stands by ready to provide decades of experience for your outage and downtime needs in the fields of alignment and displacement measurement.


Steven Perry; Field Service Manager

Steven Perry formed Bengal Resources and has worked in the area of predictive/preventive maintenance at corporate OEM, Distributor, and field service capacities. since 1981. Specifically, duties have included consulting, applications, and sales of laser measuring systems, hard/soft bearing balancing machines, all types of industrial vibration measuring devices, and optical measuring equipment. Upon earning his engineering degree from Louisiana State University in 1981, Mr. Perry worked as a field engineer in the petroleum drilling industry for three years.

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